Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonders, leads you on a epic journey through the tropics, where you become mayor of a town cursed with Earthquakes. Your objective is to fulfill the town's former glory by building, houses, shops and even big projects. Available 3DS, Wii.



Circle Pad- Move

D-Pad Up- Equip Item

D-Pad Left or Right- Change Equipped Item

D-Pad Down- View Sky or Change View inside

A- Use Item

B- Run

Y- Change Item

X- Pick Up Item

R- Equip TPC

L- Equip Encyclopaedia


New features include Rodents and Reptiles.


Name   Price   Location   Time   Months   Peak Times   Peak Months  
Agrias Butterfly 3,000 Flying (Near Flowers) / Island 8am-5pm June-Sept
Ant 80 On Dropped Candy or Rotten Turnips All Day All Year
Atlas Beetle 8,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Aug
Bagworm 300 Hanging from trees 7pm-8am Oct-Feb
Banded Dragonfly 4,500 Flying Anywhere 8am-5pm Jul-Aug


In Trees All Day All Year
Bell Cricket 430 In Grass 5pm-8am Sep-Oct
Birdwing Butterfly 3,000


Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm Jun-Sept
Brown Cicada 200 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Centipede 300 In Rocks Night June-Feb
Cicada Shell 100 On Trees All Day July-Aug
Cockroach 5 On Trees All Day All Year
Coconut Crab 300 Inside fruitless Palm Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Sept
Common Butterfly 90 Flying (Near Flowers) 4am-7pm Mar-Sept 8am-5pm Apr-Jun
Common Dragonfly 130 Flying 8am-5pm May-Jul
Crab 150 Walking on the beach All Day All Year
Cricket 130 In Grass 5pm-8am Sept-Nov 9pm-4am Sept-Oct
Cyclommatus Stag 8,000 On Trees 9pm-8am(CF)


Darner Dragonfly 200 Flying Anywhere 8am-5pm Jun-Aug 9am-4pm June
Diving Beetle 800 In/On Freshwater 8am-5pm May-Sept
Drone Beetle 100 On Trees / Island All Day July-Sept
Dung Beetle 800 Rolling Snowballs 5pm-8am Dec-Feb
Dynastid Beetle 1,350 On Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug
Elephant Beetle 8,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am Jul-Aug
Emperor Butterfly 2,500 Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm(AC&WW)


Evening Cicada 550 On Trees 4am-8am, 4pm-7pm July-Aug
Firefly 300 Near Fresh Water 7pm-4am June
Flea 70 On Villager All Day Mar-Nov
Fly 60 Flying near Rafflesia, Rotten Turnips or Garbage All Day All Year
Fruit Beetle 100 On Trees All Day Jul-Sep 7pm-8am Sept
Giant Beetle 10,000 On Trees 11pm-8am Jul-Aug
Giant Cicada 500 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Giant Petaltail 8,000 Flying 4pm-7pm Aug-Oct
Golden Stag 12,000 On Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug
Goliath beetle 6,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-8am(WW), 5pm-8am(CF) Jun-Aug 7pm-1am(CF)
Grasshopper 160 In Grass 9am-4pm Jul-Sept 8am-5pm Sept
Hercules Beetle 12,000 On Palm Trees 7pm-4am Jul-Aug
Hermit Crab 1,000 Island Beach 7pm-8am All Year
Honeybee 100 Flying near Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Aug 9am-4pm Mar-Jun
Horned Dynastid 1,350 On Trees  ??? June-???
Horned Atlas 8,000 On Palm Trees 5pm-8am July-Aug
House Centipede 250 Hit Rocks 7pm-8am Aug-Oct
Jewel Beetle 2,400 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Ladybug 200 On Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Jun,Oct 9am-4pm Mar-May
Lantern Fly 1,800 On Trees 4pm-7pm, 11pm-8am Jun-Sept
Long Locust 200 In Grass 8am-7pm Aug-Nov(WW)May-Nov(CF) 9am-4pm Mar-Jun
Longhorn Beetle 260 On trees(AC&WW)

On tree stumps(CF)

8am-5pm Jun-Aug
Mantis 430 On Flowers 8am-5pm Apr-Nov(CF)Aug-Nov(WW) 9am-4pm Sep-Nov
Migratory Locust 600 In Grass 8am-7pm Sep-Nov(WW)Aug-Nov(CF) 9am-4pm Sep-Oct
Miyama Stag 1,000 On Trees All Day Jun-Aug
Mole Cricket 280 Underground All Day Nov-May
Monarch Butterfly 90 Flying (Near Flowers) 8am-5pm Sept-Nov 8am-4pm Oct-Nov
Mosquito 130 Flying Anywhere 5pm-4am Jun-Sep 4pm-4am Jun-Aug
Moth 60 Near Lights (Outside) 7pm-4am May-Sept 9pm-4am Jun-Aug
Mountain Beetle 60 On Trees 7pm-4am May-Sept 9pm-4am Jun-Aug
Oak Silk Moth 1,200 On Trees 7pm-4am Jun-Sept
Orchid Mantis 2,400 On Flowers 8am-5pm Aug-Nov(WW) Apr-Nov(CF&NL Sep-Nov
Peacock (Butterfly) 220 Flying (Near Blue, Violet & Black Flowers) 8am-5pm Mar-Sept 8am-4pm Jul-Sept
Pill Bug 250 Under Rocks All Day All Year
Pine Cricket 100 In Grass 5pm-8am Sept-Oct
Pondskater 130 Main Pond/Holding Ponds 8am-7pm Jun-Sep
Rainbow Stag 10,000 On Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Sept
Raja Brooke Butterfly 2,500 Flying (Near Freshwater) 8am-5pm(May/July)


Red Dragonfly 80 Flying Anywhere 8am-7pm Sep-Oct
Rice Grasshopper 400 On Ground 8am-7pm Aug-Sept
Robust Cicada 300 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Aug
Saw Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees All Day Jul-Aug 9pm-4am Jul-Aug
Scarab Beetle 6,000 On Trees 11pm-8am Jul-Aug
Scorpion 8,000 On Ground 7pm-4am Jul-Sept
Seven-spotted ladybug 200 On Flowers 8am-5am Mar-Jun & Aug-Oct
Snail 250 On Flowers All Day Apr-Sep
Spider 300 In Trees All Day Mar-Nov
Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees 7pm-8am Jun-Aug 9pm-4am Jul-Aug
Stinkbug 120 On Trees All Day Apr-Oct
Tarantula 8,000 On Ground 7pm-4am Jun-Aug
Tiger Beetl


1,500 On Ground 8am-7pm; 4am-5pm Mar-Sept, Oct
Tiger Butterfly 160 Flying Near Red & Pink Flowers 8am-5pm Mar-Jun 8am-4pm Mar-Sept
Violin Beetle 250 On Tree Stumps 4am-7pm June

4am-5pm Sept-Oct 8am-5pm Nov

Jun, Sept-Nov
Walker Cicada 400 On Trees 8am-5pm Jul-Sept
Walkingstick 600 On Trees 4am-7pm Jul-Nov
Walking Leaf( 600 On Ground 4am-7pm Jul-Nov
Wharf Roach 200 Beach All Day All Year
Yellow Butterfly 80 Flying 4am-7pm Mar-Jun, Sep


Sell Price- 9500

Where- On Banana Trees and Bananas

Time- 6pm- 10pm

Month- July- November

After Catching- I caught a Banana Tarantula, I was going bananas over this bug!


Sell Price- 1200

Where- On Trees

Time- 6am- 9pm

Month- February- June

After Catching- I caught a Moss Mantis, Hey where's it gone!


Sell Price- 200

Where- Flowers

Time- 4am- 10am

Month- November- March

After Catching- I caught a Hemiptera, Eww! What's that blue stuff...


Sell Price- 11000

Where- In trees

Time- All Day

Month- June- July

After Catching- I caught a Jewelled Wasp, Infestation! Run for the Hills!