(Pic. coming soon) Animal Crossing: World Travel is a life simulation game for the Nintendo DS, made by the user BubbleSmackNPop500.


You start in a plane going to your new town. Kapp'n is the pilot and you meet Mayor Tortimer inside the plane instead of Rover. He will first give you a passport. He asks you some questions like what your name is and where you are going. Then, he shows you a bunch of maps, and you pick which one is the best for you. This would be your town map. Then he asks you what country you're going to. You can pick from: America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, France, Italy, Austraila, China, Japan, Britain, South Korea, New Zealand, India, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, and Ethiopia.

When you get off the plane, you first see an animation of the plane taking off. Then you arrive at the airport where you meet Pelly. She will show you where your house is. When you arrive at your house, Tom Nook's nephews will be waiting for you. Unlike the other games, they are going to be the ones that give you work. You work off your loan, and then you HAVE to visit your house. If you don't, then you might have to work again.

You can also visit other people's towns. You just go to the airport, which is located in the city, and talk to Copper and Booker. They will ask you what the town is called and what country it's in. Then you give them your passport you got, and then they will lead you to an airplane. Before you arrive, it show on another player's screen that a person is coming to their town. Then it shows a quick animation of you coming from a plane.

Tom Nook's ShopEdit

Like the other games, you can get 4 expansions for his shop. Each upgrade gets the shop bigger and better, and the stuff you sell can be worth more.

Nook's GoodsEdit

This is the shop you see after you first move in. It is open from 9am-8pm. The items you can get there are: 2 flowers, 2 trees, 4 wallpapers, 4 carpets, 2 packs of letters, 1 pack of medicine, 4 pieces of furniture, and 2 tools. If the store is ready for expansion, Tom Nook complains that the store is too small and needs to be upgraded. Then he tells you that the store will be closed tomorrow for expansion.

Shoppe NookEdit

This is the shop after the first expansion. It is open from 9am-8pm like the first one. The items you can get there are: 4 flowers, 2 trees, 4 wallpapers, 4 carpets, 3 packs of letters, 3 packs of medicine, 4 pieces of furniture and 4 tools. Like the first store, when Shoppe Nook is ready for expansion, Tom Nook complains that the store is too small still. Then he tells you that tomorow, the store will be closed for expansion.

Nook Time!Edit

This is a shop after the second expansion. Tom Nook's nephews work for Tom Nook at this time, as the store is too big for himalone. It is open from 9am-10pm. The items you can get there are: 4 flowers, 3 trees, 4 wallpapers, 4 carpets, 3 packs of letters, 3 packs of medicine, 5 pieces of furniture, and 4 tools. Just like the other two stores, Tom Nook tells you when the store is ready for expansion.

Nook's Galore!Edit

This is the shop after the final expansion. When you enter, you can see Tom Nook giving out a party to celebrate the "Grand Opening of Nook's Galore!". Then he tells you that the store is finally done expanding and that you can get lots more stuff here. There's an upstairs, where Tom Nook's nephews work, and a downstairs, where Tom Nook works. The upstairs mainly have furniture, wallpaper, and carpets, and the downstairs mainly has flowers, trees, letter packs, medicine, and tools. There are 7 pieces of furniture, 4 wallpapers, 4 carpets, 5 packs of letters, 6 flowers, 4 trees,4 packs of medicine, and 6 tools.


The holidays depend on what country you live in.


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South AfricaEdit








South KoreaEdit

New ZealandEdit

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New StuffEdit

  • There's an election day, and if you want to be mayor, you can sign in.
  • The city is back, but this time it is more like the real city and it has roads and building and a... restrurant!
  • You can drive a car in the city, you just need to pass the driving test.
  • You can work part-time in the coffee shop (like in Animal Crossing New Leaf)


  • Animal Crossing: World Travel was orginally planned for the Xbox, but since it had to be on a Nintendo based item, it got changed into DS.
  • This is the first Animal Crossing game that can take place in different countries.