What is Animal Crossing AdvancedEdit

Animal Crossing Advanced is the only Animal Crossing game

to be released on the GBA (Game Boy Advance) It released in July 13, 2002


  • Songs Removed but returned in NL (Hypno K.K. & Bubblegum K.K. [Both were secret songs])
  • Residents w/ Secret Songs (Cryx & Daisy)
  • 3 Other exclusive Residents (Sandy, Madea, Sox)
  • Residents (re)moved MINOR Furniture (ex. Lovely Tabe w/ Cabin Room)
  • NL Songs on TV (K.K. Moody, K.K. Stroll)

Resident DataEdit

  • Cryx (Hypno K.K., Cranky, Dog, Male)
  • Daisy (Bubblegum K.K., Peppy, Cow, Female)
  • Sandy (DJ K.K., Normal, Squirrel, Female)
  • Madea (K.K Ragtime, Snooty, Gorilla, Female)
  • Sox (I Love You, Jock, Cat, Male)

Series (New/Exclusive [2])Edit

Red Series
Name Buy Price Sell Price Where?
Red TV 1,500 375 Tom Nook
Red Chair 1,300 325 Tom Nook
Red Bed 1,800 450 Tom Nook
Red Clock 4,500 1,125 Redd
Red Sofa 2,000 500 Tom Nook
Red Table 1,900 475 Tom Nook
Red Dresser 2,000 500 Tom Nook
Red Closet 4,000 1,000 Redd
Red E. Table 1,500 375 Tom Nook
Red Lamp 1,700 425 Tom Nook
Red Armchair 1,600 400

Tom Nook