Colibritany is a snooty whale that serves as K.K. Slider's replacement as a performer in Club LoL in the game Animal Crossing R18: Let's Get Laid!
Colibritany mami silicon

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Colibritany is a snooty, purple whale performer. She often wears cheap-looking dresses and wigs.

Not much is known about Colibritany as she is always seen performing, but villagers will often comment on her vain and snooty personality, claiming that they only go to the club to laugh at her performance.


Colibritany performs every tuesday, changing her songs frequently. Her biggest hit is Sexy Chambelan,which is also performed at the player's quinceanera party if using a female character. During the live performance, a couple of barely dressed dancers sway to the music while looking bored.

Her newest hit, Mami Silicon, is unlocked after the player has reached puberty and gotten laid at least 5 times.  

During Valentine's Day, if the player attends her performance she will not sing, but rather recite her poem Pompas de Kevin.