Season 1:Epsiode 1.


Kapp'n: Hello, miss.

Gabi: Hiya! I'm Gabi, honeybun!

Kapp'n: Young miss Gabi, fine name for a fine young lass.

Gabi: *giggles*

Kapp'n: So, where ya' headin' the fine day, Miss Gabi?

Gabi: Ani mess.

Kapp'n: So, what ya' goin' to Ani mess for?

Gabi: Oh, just to see more of the world.


Kapp'n: Well, we've arrived at Ani mess, have a nice time, Gabi.

Gabi: Bye!

Gabi: So, I've gotta go to City Hall, and I'm right there. *walks inside*

Pelly: Oh, you must be Gabi! Welcome to Ani mess town hall!

Gabi: Hi! I'm Gabi! Well, where is my house at?

Pelly: Well, here you go, a map of Ani mess. Your home is right here. *points at home* Tom Nook will give you the key.

Gabi: OK. Thanks Pelly!

Pelly: We asre open 24 hours, so stop by anytime!

Gabi: *skips down the dirt paths* La la la, I'm of to see the Racoon, the wonderful Racoon of homes.

Goldie: *comes out of her home* Well, I haven't seen you arpund!

Gabi: Oh, I'm new here! I'm Gabi!

Goldie: Pleased to meet you Gabi! I'm Goldie!

Gabi: Well, bye!

Goldie: See you soon!

at Nook's*

Nook: I was wondring when you'd arrive, first change into these!

Gabi: What are they?

Nook: Your uniform!

Gabi: "uniform"?

Nook: In order to pay off you loan, you must work!'

Gabi: *puts on dress* Well, whats 1st?

Nook: *hands Gabi a shirt* Deliver this to Tipper, in acre A 1!

Gabi: OK, I'll give her them, honeybun.

Gabi: *bikes down to Tipper's*

Gabi: *knocks, and an octupus answers*

Octavian: Hello?

Gabi: Is Ti[[er here?

Octavian: No, I'm Octavian, Tipper is over there!

Gabi: Thanks!

Octavian: Well, you have no money, right? Well, here ya' go! *gives 100 bells*

Gabi: Thanks!

Gabi: *rings Tipper's doorbell*

Tipper: Did you tip me over in my sleep, pushy?

Gabi: Uh, no...

Tipper: Well, I'm Tipper, What do you need?

Gabi: Here *gives dress*

Tipper: Oh, my shirt!

Gabi: Nook gave it to me.

Tipper: Well, I wont be needing this. *gives Gabi old t-shirt* Its a rainbow shirt!

Gabi: Oh, thanks, honeybun!

Tipper: *looking in mirror* Hm?

back at Nooks*

Nook: Yes, you have done well! Next this rug goes to Drake!

Gabi: OK!

Gabi bikes to drake's house.

To be continued...