Icecube is a jock,penguin villager in the Animal Crossing series. His only appearances so far were in Animal Forest e+ and Animal Crossing City Folk. He might or might not reappear in Animal Crossing (3DS).



Icecube has small,light blue feet. His body is a blue-gray color. His beak and wing ends are the same color as his feet. His pupils are in the shape of a cube. Icecube's belly is a blue color. He intially wears the Deep Blue tee,which matches his blue coloration.


Icecube is a jock villager,however,he is more willing to talk to you than compete you. That is rare for a jock. He doesn't talk about muscles and fitness as much as other jocks,however he does bring it up now and then. He gets along well with Peppy,Normal,Cranky,and other jock villagers. He offends most snooty villagers with his talk of fitness and love of sweat. He dislikes lazy villagers because of there talk of food and laziness.


In both games,Icecube has the entire Kiddie series,except for the bed. Instead of the Kiddie bed,Icecube has a weight bench,which may be linked to his jock personality



Initial catchphrase:chilly

Initial clothing:Deep blue tee


Pic quote:none