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marshengua (japonese: モヘアモ berry nozzle) is a released vilager possiblity from animal crossing: legicy of the animal breder. she is the child of marshol and marenguie the rhino and squirl. she is ocho personality so she acts like the big sister to the player. she is very cool because marshol and marenguie ar  both very polar villager and she is child of the both


marshengua does not have a bother or sistre.

marshengua is the first of the vilagers avalebale in animal crossing: legicy of the animal breder to ever be relesed

some people think marshengua is actually a cow


marshengua has the cotage avaleable on animal crossing: liturgy of the animal baker and it is stocked with marshol and marenguie. it plays kk too late to pologize. furniture in marshengua collage: couches tvs sofa mattress lamp.