Mary is the unseen crush of Kapp'n. There are a few differences between them, though.

Favorite Item:

Cakes, Eggplants, Fruits, Coconuts and Lacy Items So, unlike Kapp'n, Mary's favorite food (Not sweets) are eggplants. Her favorite sweets are cakes. Cherries, oranges, peaches, pears, and apples are her favorite fruits (which are all the fruits in animal crossing). Her favorite nut (the thing you eat nut) is the coconut (probably a big nut).

Relationship with Kapp'n (NOT a difference):

She writes letters to Kapp'n three days a week (with presents in them one letter a week) because a long time ago (ten years from the day you start playing), she got abducted by aliens. She landed all the way to Animal City, three miles away from your town. Ever since then Kapp'n has been singing songs about her that tell the player about Kapp'n's memories with Mary.


Mary wears a lacy dress and holds a lacy umbrella.


This sweet sassy lassie has a passion for fashion!(I have to edit this later. No one better edit this)