A Real Human Bean, And A Real Hero

     Real Human Bean (ゴスリングライアンRyan Gosling) is a mechanic and part-time stunt driver from Los Angeles, California. He also secretly works as a getaway driver in which he is hired by criminals to drive them to safety. As a getaway driver, he has a strict policy that grants criminals only five minutes to perform their job before he leaves them on their own. Real Human Bean is also known as a Real Hero.

Real Human Bean is scheduled to return in the 2015 sequel to Animal Crossing: DriveAnimal Crossing: Gangster Squad.

Animal Crossing: DriveEdit

 In the Activision video game Animal Crossing: Drive, Real Human Bean is a jock villager who is notable for his hatred for cereal. His house exhibits an automobile theme and contains a tape deck that plays the song "K. K. Real Hero ". His jock personality allows him to act rude and tough, despite his silent demeanor. He is often seen carring a claw hammer or a wrench with him, wearing his famous white satin jacket with a golden scorpion embroidered on the back, jeans, and white shoes.

Animal Crossing: Gangster SquadEdit

Animal Crossing: Gangster Squad will star Real Human Bean once again. In an interview with game director Bobby Kotick, Real Human Bean will go from a villager to a police sergeant who hunts down gangsters in order to reflect the radical change from an E-rated social simulation game to a bloody M-rated first-person shooter. It is unknown if Real Human Bean will retain his Real Hero status.