Sokka is from Animal Crossing's Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is fight-able.


Sokka is part of Team Avatar but he isn't a bender. He assists you on Operation Boomerang (One of Aang's quests).


You can fight him, borrow his sword or boomerang and play Boom-er-Aang (Hit Aang with a boomerang).


Trip him up using bending 10 times.


"I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn't ask for all this flying, and magic..."


Sokka's name may be inspired by the word "sarcastic" since "Sokka" when pronounced sounds like "Sarca" from the word sarcastic. Note that he once mentioned that he is a meat lover and a sarcastic guy. The Avatar Extras also mention that sarcasm used by Sokka is called Sokkasm. Excluding Katara's voice during the show's opening, Sokka gets the first regular line in the series ("It's not going to get away from me this time"). Sokka's favorite pastime, apparently, is shopping. Second to that is coming up with plans. Sokka has a habit of smacking his own forehead when aggravated, to the point that it became heavily redened after being stuck with the nomads in The Cave of Two Lovers. This has apparently toughened his head quite a bit as shown in The Chase, where after Ty Lee paralyzes both of his arms and one of his legs, she hurts herself striking his forehead. In "The Chase", Sokka mentioned that his "ponytail" is actually a "Warrior's Wolf Tail", which is worn by all male Water tribe warriors. Sokka has been kissed far more times then any other character in the series, at least three times in the first season alone. Twice in the second season, and at least three more times in the third season, totaling at up to eight times. Sokka is the only member of Team Avatar shown to kill an enemy, this enemy being Combustion Man, who he did not kill directly. Striking him in the head with his boomerang, Sokka unknowingly blocked Combustion Man's Chi, causing his explosive bolts to backfire killing him. Sokka was the first person in the series ever to become sick. According to Avatar Extras, Sokka is a "Active Sleeper" meaning that he tosses and turns at night. Sokka's name is derived from the Japanese phrase (here presented in Romaji) Sou ka, meaning "I Understand", which is a reference to his abilities as technologist, scientist, the use of understanding. Sokka is well versed in most, if not all, Water Tribe weapons. During the events of "The Drill", Sokka considered giving Team Avatar a name, which at the time was still nameles. He eventually settled on "Team Avatar", though before he did he considered names like "The Boomeraang Squad", "The Fearsome Foursome", and "The Aang Gang". Sokka is sometimes treated differently because he isn't a bender. In the season two opener "The Avatar State", when leaving the Water Tribe ship, while Aang and Katara receive Waterbending scrolls and spirit water, all Sokka got was a pat on the shoulder and "take care." And in "The Chase", Toph insulted him, saying that there were only three people in the group of them, and that Sokka didn't count because he wasn't a bender. Afterwards, Toph corrects herself, saying the group consists of "Three plus Sokka". In "The Siege of the North, Part 1" with "Avatar Extras" bonus commentary, when Sokka was with princess Yue, some of the commentary bubbles said that "No girl can resist Sokka's charm." A girl from each of the Four Nations (except the Air Nomads) has crushed on Sokka. In "The Waterbending Scroll", he said that he couldn't steer the pirate ship because it wasn't made by the Water Tribe, meaning that he may be trained in how to operate Water Tribe ships. Sokka lost both his sword and boomerang during the attack on the Fire Nation Air Fleet. According to Sokka in "The Southern Air Temple", the reason he didn't trust Aang when they first met was because in his last life he was a Firebender, realizing this a upon finding that Avatar Roku was a Firebender. Sokka appears to have gained forging skills in the episode "Sokka's Master," when he made his own sword in a forge. He later made a suit of armor that fit Appa perfectly. Despite his age at the start of the series, Sokka technically wasn't a "man" until after he went "Ice Dodging", the Water Tribe's cultural test of manhood. He had passed the required age to go Ice Dodging, but a man who had already passed the test was needed to conduct the test. Since his father and all the other men in the village were away fighting in the war, Sokka could never take the test until the episode "Bato of the Water Tribe" where the group ran into Bato, a warrior from their village who takes him Ice Dodging. Sokka was one of the first non-airbender outsiders ever to visit an Air Nomad temple. It is arguable, though, because when Sokka and the group go to Northern Air Temple, they meet a group of refugees who had been living in the temple for years. If nothing else, he is one of the first invited outsiders to visit an Air Temple. Even though Sokka hated the Fire Nation for killing his mother, when Katara told him and Aang that she had found the man who killed their mother, Sokka didn't show any signs of wanting to go get revenge on him, possibly due to him realizing that not all Fire Nation people are bad, like Zuko. When he tried to convince Katara not to, she claimed that he "didn't love her the way [she] did." Throughout the series, Sokka is repeatedly shown to be the "killjoy" for Team Avatar; focused mainly on the war, he protests against actions that would jeopardize their plans, such as in "The Painted Lady." Sokka tried to get Katara to forget about the people in the sick village because it would take up too much time to help. If everything is going according to plan, though, Sokka will be as fun as everyone else. Sokka has been shown to be, to some extent, ambidextrous. He is shown using both hands at different times to write, attack, and draw (though he does so poorly), and is even shown switching hands at times. Sokka can perfectly navigate a Fire Nation Airship, as seen in "Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno". Sokka's face changes from the beginning to the end of the series. Originally, he had smaller eyes, and an altogether more adult face than at the end. In The Last Airbender, the major change for Sokka is the pronunciation of his name. In the movie, his name is pronounced Sohka, the way Hahn pronounces it.

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