Super Animal Crossing is a kart racing game for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Character Key

Italic Characters - Lightweight
Bold Characters - Middleweight
Regular Characters - Heavyweight
Bold and Italic Characters - Unlockable


The characters are split into teams.You choose 2 people in 1 kart.

Team 1 - City Folk

Samson (Mouse)
Animal Crossing Boy (from the Wii version)
Nibbles (Squirrel)
Anchovy (Bird)
Spork (Pig)
Wart Jr. (Frog)
Lucy (Pig)
Becky (Chicken)
Rod (Mouse) - Small
Gladys (Ostrich) - Medium
Gwen (Penguin) - Small
Cesar (Gorilla) - Heavy
Monty (Monkey) - Heavy
Patty (Cow) - Heavy

Team 2 - Inner Metalic

Egbert (Chicken)
Camofrog (Frog)
Cube (Penguin)
Alfonso (Crocodile)
Louie (Gorilla)
Ankha (Cat)
Ace (Bird)
Octavian (Octopus)
Pompom (Duck) -Medium
Puck (Penguin) -Medium
Purrl (Cat) -Medium
Olivia (Cat) -Medium
Mint (Squirrel)-Medium

Team 3 - Special

Mable (Hedgehog)
Mr.Resetti (Mole)
Pelly (Pelican)
Pete (Pelican)
Porter (Monkey)
Redd (Fox)
Sable (Hedgehog)
Sahara -Large (Camel)
Tom Nook -Medium (Raccoon)
Tortimer -Medium (Tortise)
K.K. Slider -Medium (Dog)
Wendell -Large (Walrus)
Wisp -Small (Will O' the Wisp)


Apple Cup

  • Around the Village
  • To the City!
  • Nook's Circuit

Pear Cup

  • Museum
  • Out of the Gate!
  • K.K. Slider's Circuit